Empowering the Cultural and Creative Industries and policy-makers to fully understand the social and economic impact of digitisation and innovative the reuse of cultural assets


Impact Methodology

We develop models to measure the socioeconomic impact of access to cultural goods and new modes of content production enabled by digital cultural heritage

legal frameworks

We map Intellectual Property frameworks on European and national levels to understand how they could enhance the competitiveness of the cultural heritage sector

value chains

We propose new business models, best practices and tools that help individual organisations overcome bottlenecks in creative reuse and consumption of digital heritage


We develop the inDICEs Open Observatory to engage stakeholders in collaborate co-creation and introduce a model for community participation built around ethical principles

A space for digital collaboration

Open Observatory

inDICEs is building a collaborative online environment for deliberation, co-creation and transparent dialogue between cultural heritage professionals, policy-makers, researchers and creative industry representatives. 


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