indices project - partnerships

inDICEs project aims to empower policy-makers and decision-makers in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) to fully understand the social and economic impact of digitisation in their sectors, at the same time address the need for innovative (re)use of cultural assets.

Keeping these objectives in mind, the project seeks to develop partnerships with other projects/institutions with similar aspirations. In this way, the pooling of energy and effort promotes mutual collaboration toward common goals.

The BoWB is a project of the History of Art Laboratory of the School of Fine Arts, University of Ioannina, aimed as an arts and cultural infrastructure for examining the field of intangible cultural heritage, in connection to art, technology and open knowledge.

inDICEs project and the BoWB collaborate in the following activities:

⭐ Share knowledge about data specific for TK (Traditional Knowledge), TCE (Traditional Cultural Expressions) and ICH (Intangible Cultural Heritage);

⭐ Collaborate and share results to facilitate the BoWB project to use the analysis carried out in inDICEs and apply it to the Western Balkans countries;

⭐ Work together to develop the CHIs self-assessment tool;

⭐ Collaborate in outreach activities for joint events;

⭐ Promotion and dissemination of joint activities and research outputs in the respective websites and social channels, including the openGLAM community.

reCreating Europe project aims to deliver ground-breaking contributions towards a clear understanding of what makes a regulatory framework that promotes culturally diverse production, and optimises inclusive access and consumption.

inDICEs project and reCreating Europe project collaborate in the following activities:

⭐ inDICEs will help to promote the surveys and the interviews prepared by reCreating Europe among the cultural heritage institutions

⭐ reCreating Europe will provide inDICES early access to data sets resulting from surveys (under certain conditions). The collected data will be shared and made available in the inDICEs Open Observatory

⭐ Coordinating efforts in mapping and analysing the copyright flexibilities (public and private regulation) and in comparing the current IPR regulations on the access to European culture and on creative cultural production covering the following countries: Italy, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Ireland, Estonia, Denmark, Hungary

⭐ Elaboration of a joint Manifesto o guide cultural heritage institutions (CHIs) in pursuing their public mission related to digitisation in the copyright framework

⭐ Organise a joint presentation of the policy recommendation in Brussels

⭐ Jointly organise a workshop to explore key issues and tools to promote openness in the cultural sector between law and practice 

⭐ Collaborate in outreach activities for joint events.

⭐ Promotion and dissemination of joint activities and research outputs in the respective websites and social channels.

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