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inDICEs IPR framework for the Digital Transformation of the CHI sector: IP Evaluation survey

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The inDICEs project​ is developing a self-evaluation tool for Cultural Heritage Institutions (CHIs) to assess their readiness to contribute to creative reuse of cultural heritage. 

To this end, we invite you to complete our survey on IP and online access. 

This survey tries to better understand the place Intellectual Property Rights, and in particular, the European legal framework, hold in the challenges and opportunities that CHI’s are facing when operating in a 21st-century innovative digital environment, in particular, when contributing digitized collections for creative reuse through online access.

While you might have already answered similar questions in copyright-related questionnaires, these are tailored to develop the interactive part of the envisioned self-assessment tool. So we hope for your contributions! The more data we can gather, the more granularity we can add to the tool.  

At the same time, it forms the basis of the participatory process​ on Indices that will give a qualitative underpinning to the results. You are welcome to join our community and follow the conversation in the “Empowering IPR for the Commons” assembly. 

*Cover image: Interior de la fàbrica R. Guich Carol. Fotografia Unal from Ajuntament de Girona, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0