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Isabel Beirigo

Final event report

Community & Digitisation – the new drivers of cultural heritage – event report On 2 March 2023 inDICEs organised a one-day conference with the title COMMUNITY & DIGITISATION – the new drivers of cultural heritage. In this blog post, we bring you the key insights from the event. The conference attracted a broad and international audience from all over Europe as well as other countries such as the USA, Canada and India. More than 300 participants (approximately 70 in-person at… Read More »Final event report

The “Change impact assessment framework”

The “Change impact assessment framework” The “Change impact assessment framework” is a theoretical tool developed by the InDICEs team during the last part of the project. What are the reasons for the development of this framework? The EU Work Plan for Culture 2023-2026, the document adopted by the Council of Culture Ministers of the European Union which shapes EU cooperation on culture for the next 4 years, focuses on 4 priorities among which the enhancing of cultural participation and the… Read More »The “Change impact assessment framework”


COMMUNITY AND DIGITISATION: THE NEW DRIVERS OF CULTURAL HERITAGE Empowering professionals and policy-makers in the CH sector towards a more community-focused & digital driven culture Are you wondering how Cultural Heritage Institutions, whatever their size, may turn from gatekeepers to gate-openers? How to preserve and give better access to our cultural heritage? What strategy and tools to use to facilitate community engagement and stimulate user participation? Join us to discuss how to foster democratic and community-focused digital transformation by supporting… Read More »INDICES FINAL EVENT

sixth Workshop on Intellectual Property in szeged (WIPS6) report (author: DR. HARKAI ISTVÁN)

May has been a busy month of conferences for participants in the H2020 ReCreating Europe research consortium. We presented in Krems an der Donau, in Trento, in Nottingham, and concluded this series in Szeged on 9-10 June at the sixth Workshop on Intellectual Property (WIPS6) conference. Although the conference was mainly in-person, due to anomalies in European air traffic, several speakers were unable to arrive, so the conference became a hybrid event. Another special feature of the event was that the so-called GLAM@HOME panels and the GLAM@HOME Training sessions were streamed and recorded online to the public, which can be watched back here. As the conference programme shows, a significant part of the event was dedicated to the GLAM sector and cultural heritage issues, as well as to the intersection of consumer protection and copyright law.

Read More »sixth Workshop on Intellectual Property in szeged (WIPS6) report (author: DR. HARKAI ISTVÁN)